Jookabox is no more. Long live DMA.

Grampall Jookabox or Jookabox no longer exists. They played their last show on my birthday this year, the 24th of June (in NY, I wasn’t there). Frontman David “Moose” Adamson proceeded to make music in a solo project called DMA. I got to know Jookabox through Carly’s best of indie compilations. I don’t know who Carly is, but the Urban Dictionairy says he is one of the best persons I’ll ever meet, and this track list might just prove that. One of the first songs on the 2009 compilation was Jookabox’s You Cried Me (Deadzone Boys, 2009), and I fell in love.

The music of Jookabox is freaky and weird. With their psychedelic electronic sound they fit in the freak folk or new weird america scene. Or crust funk, according to Jookabox. With the creepy songs, the dirty sound and the screaming of David Adamson, that seems about right. When I first heard it, the songs made me think of Dan Deacon and Animal Collective. Jookabox’s latest album Eyes of the Fly (2011) is paced up and might be chaotic, but that’s what I expect from them. Reminds me of the Motorpsycho slogan on the inside of the Trust Us lp: ‘you gotta hear without fear‘.

David “Moose” Adamson is the man behind Jookabox and he proceeded making music as a solo artist, under his initials DMA. The show at June 24 was the last show of Jookabox, but also the release party of DMA’s first album Drem Beb. DMA promised to produce three consecutive albums within 2011. With DMA, David will explore ‘the more meditative and fucked-up sound of Jookabox’. I like that. DMA is in limited quantities available on cassette (to gain hipster credibility I guess), but you can try it out on their bandcamp player below.

One more song to prove that Jookabox / DMA is worth listening to: Black Girls from the 2008 album Ropechain.


~ by Indieaan on December 2, 2011.

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