Breakcore Galore

Breakcore is one of my favorite dance music styles. The scene is not big, but neither dead. I find concerts hard to find sometimes, so tips will be rewarded with eternal gratitude. Just drop them here or @indieaan.

One of the most recognized breakcore acts is Venetian Snares, who made one of the best recordings of the past decade with his outstanding Rossz csillag alatt született. (2005)

Then, there is this. This is where the love started. Bong-Ra’s Bikini Bandits! (2006)

Together with Belgian breakcore hero Sickboy, Bong-Ra performed as Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave. Beats start at 4:00. (2005)

With Bong-Ra, Holland got its very own breakcore hero. Confirm his sublimity by listening to this song from the Kill (2006). Also very much worthwhile is the album Soldaat van Oranje (2006).

Sickboy. No words needed. Please don’t continue if you’re pregnant. (2008)

Shit goes down. Check out Enduser. (2008)

Are your ears bleading yet? If not, Igorrr will make sure of it. I find it hard to listen to his music sometimes, with all the freaky tunes and samples. But in the right mood, this is killer. (2010)

Forte fortissimo!!!


~ by Indieaan on January 6, 2012.

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