Geuzenpop 2012: Aftermath

“It’s time to die
Listen to your body”
John Maus – It’s Time to Die

A very appropriate quote to start this post with. I’m still alive though! And, besides the bands mentioned in the previous post, I found myself pleasantly alive and kicking at a couple shows at the Geuzenpop festival. For the rest it was moshing, drinking, and more moshing.

I was tenderized, among others by these guys:

#1 Mr. Skolnick: A friendly fella whose songs sound like the lo-fi, experimental avant-garde of John Maus. Mr. Skolnick is a synth-pop superhero.

Mr. Skolnick – Nana Mouskouri

#2 Wilhelmfreddie: A bit pretentious, but swinging as hell was the jazzy funk of Wilhelmfreddie. Too bad their live performance seemed much better than the songs I can find on the web. Now I’m doubting whether I had too much to drink (at 2 in the afternoon? can’t be, they must have been good).



~ by Indieaan on August 7, 2012.

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