Charles Frail

If I remember correctly, Charles Frail once competed in a contest and the jury started to chuckle because they thought he was so nervous that he lost his voice. It turned out he sings in an Anthony kind of way, and not without merit, since he won the contest.

Charles Frail – Nothing Will Outlive This Glory

He released one full album so far – ‘Morning it Breathes’ – of which the song titles form a poem. Two more albums are to come: ‘Mirror River’ and ‘City Fire’. I’m excited.

Morning it Breathes
I was the leaves that whisper take me off this tree
and when the wind gave us her tender, tender breeze
my blood was not enough
my hands were meek, my feet got stuck
but oh… behold
what love we may conquer
morning, it breathes and makes me wonder
if morning breeze bereaved of breath
would ease my pain, would sooth my sense
no nothing will outlive this glory
the darkest night will find me gone
I will be amidst the morning
I’ll find my home in break of dawn

Charles Frail – I was the Leaves that whisper take me off this Tree


~ by Indieaan on September 26, 2012.

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