Death Grips (brace yourselves)

Death Grips is experimental hip hop from California. I don’t think I’ve ever heard music more aggressive music than this. Blood is creeping out of Stefan Burnett’s mouth. Two days ago, Death Grips released their new album ‘No Love Deep Webb’, and again, it’s amazing. Their label, Epic Records, did not want this album to be published till some time next year, so they got into a feud and Death Grips released it unauthorized. Or so they say – it could very well be a clever marketing stunt. Anyway, check out the new album and my favorite song from their first album (Exmilitary), unless you’re an innocent little girl or my mother. Enjoy!

Death Grips – I Want It I Need It (Death Heated)

Edit 11/2012: this all could have been a clever marketing stunt, but Epic Records was stupid enough to dismiss Death Grips from their label after all this stuff happening. They forced Death Grips to get the album streams offline, so the album stream disappeared from this blog. It’s available though, you know how to get it.


~ by Indieaan on October 3, 2012.

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