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Goat World Music

I went to Primavera Sound in Barcelona last week, and saw many amazing live shows. Highlights included Blur, the Knife, Apparat (Krieg und Frieden was played integral in a theater! see my previous post), Death Grips, Solange, Titus Andronicus, Dinosaur Jr., Metz, Thee Oh Sees, Neurosis, Deerhunter, Savages and Dan Deacon.

Even with all this awesomeness there were revelations such as Goat, a psychedelic tribal noise / rock band from Sweden. They like to dress up on stage, voodoo shizzle and goats. Pretty vague.

Have a taste from their album World Music:

Goat – Run To Your Mama

Goat – Golden Dawn



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meadowlake Not until we played this band at full volume last night at Oorsmeer Radio (the underground music show I work at), I noticed how beautiful the songs of Meadowlake actually are.

According to their bandcamp Meadowlake’s sound balances between indie and post-rock, but I think it’s more ethereal, close to ambient. Try for yourself, and remember: play it loud!

I’m curious about the live experience. If you live in Broningen (like me), you might want to check them out in Vera downstage this saturday (April 13th, 2013), or the week after (April 19th, 2013) at Vera mainstage, when Meadowlake will be playing in the finals of POPgroningen.

Meadowlake – Cold War

Le Mutant – Honkey Monkey

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I was not entirely sure whether to post this to my music blog or my monkey blog, so I put it on both: some music to ape out on! Le Mutant is a French / US garage surf band inspired by birds and apes and that kind of stuff. Their latest album, Honkey Monkey, does not only sound good, but has a lot of monkey references in it too. Le Mutant is doing a European tour and will be playing in Groningen on april 6th. Listen and enjoy 🙂

Apparat – Krieg und Frieden

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tolstoy krieg und friedenBerlin based electronic producer Apparat just released his latest album ‘Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre)’. The record is based on Leo Tolstoy’s classic war novel ‘War and Peace’ – more in particular, the music is written for Sebastian Hartmann’s contemporary theater production of this work. Just as the book, Apparat’s interpretation is epic and non-conformist.

Sascha Ring (Apparat) combined his digital sound engineering with a 30-piece ensemble, making this album a cross-over between the old and the new – just as Hartmann did with the theater production. This combination is not new for Apparat: his live shows are complemented by a cellist and a violin player.

The play ‘Krieg und Frieden’ is only to be seen in theaters in Germany, but you can replay the French invasion in Russia in your imagination – I’m sure Apparat approves. The opening and ending track of Apparat’s new album can be found below.

Apparat – 44

Apparat – A Violent Sky

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - album cover II

Last week, Unknown Mortal Orchestra released it’s second album, titled II. It’s a light, rhythmic alternative rock album, with a psychedelic edge. Ruban Nielson’s songs are easy on the ear, and he is a boss on the guitar. If you like the songs below, go buy or download this album somewhere. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

Unkown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)

Nü Sensae

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Punk is dead, at least it was to me – but it raised from the grave and now hunts me down. I run upfront, smashing my way through patch, pines, people. In my urge to survive I become a raging, roaring man, dressed in the rags of what was once a three piece suit. My shaking fists are lifted to the sky. Only truth is left – shining violently like a razor sharp diamond. Once again, I’m whole – I’m a man again. This is Nü Sensae.

Nü Sensae – 100 Shades

Nü Sensae – Spit Gifting

Nü Sensae – Swim

My favourite shows at the Eurosonic / Noorderslag festival 2013

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John Coffey: A very loud hardcore/punk band from the Netherlands. I lost my watch in their wall of death – but it was well worth it.

Broeder Dieleman: A Dutch folk singer who sings about birds, the sea and God. Reminds me of Bonnie Prince Billy.

Mozes and the Firstborn: Catchy garage rock from the Netherlands.

Raketkanon: Belgian noise rock with an impressive live performance.

Earth Control: Local lo-fi punk rock. Their song about the bankruptcy of  the football club is still in my head.

Amenra: Belgian doom / post-hardcore with a pitch black sound.

Other shows I really liked are, among others: Bologna Violenta (breakcore); Skip & Die (electroclash) and Town of Saints (folk).